ROUSH CleanTech Outfits Renzenberger With Propane-Powered E-350s


Renzenberger Inc., a company that specializes in providing transportation services for railroad crews, has deployed in its California-based fleet 10 new Ford E-350 shuttle vans that run on propane autogas. ROUSH CleanTech provided the fuel systems.

Renzenberger forecasts that the company, which logs more than 60 million miles on its fleet vehicles annually, will save approximately $14,500 per vehicle per year by switching to autogas. Renzenberger plans to add an additional 200 propane vehicles to its fleet within the next two years.

ROUSH CleanTech's systems are designed to offer horsepower, torque and towing capacity that are comparable to the same gasoline-powered models, but emit 20% less nitrogen oxide, 60% less carbon monoxide and up to 25% less greenhouse gases.

‘ROUSH CleanTech has made it easy to switch to an alternative fuel that performs as promised – backed by Ford's warranty, with a quality system, quick return on investment and green environmental benefits,’ says Karen Seitter, president of Renzenberger.

Renzenberger has a private refueling station on site San Bernardino, and the vehicles will also refuel at public autogas stations across Southern California.

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