Residents Raise Concerns Over Shuttle Company’s Propane Tank


Some local residents in Lady Lake, Fla., are expressing safety concerns about a shuttle company's plans to relocate and build a new propane tank for refueling.

According to a report from Fox 35 Orlando, Village Airport Van/Village Taxi wants to expand to a bigger lot near its current facility in Lady Lake. The company, which has already converted 10 of its 29 vehicles to propane, plans to build an 18,000 gallon tank at the new site in order to fuel its fleet. However, the facility will be behind the Water Oak Country Club Estates, and many residents say they are worried that the propane tank might explode.

Dan McCarthy Jr., vice president of Yellow Cab of Central FL Inc., which runs Village Airport Van, told Fox 35 Orlando that the company understands the residents' concerns but emphasized the tank will be safe. According to McCarthy, the tank will be approximately 400 feet away from the Water Oak community and the local fire marshal has already approved the location.

‘It's a safe tank,’ McCarthy said. ‘The bigger it is, it's actually safer than the smaller tanks. You would have to boil 18,000 gallons of propane to 1,000 degrees to get it to explode, and we're not going to do that.’

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