Republic Services Opens Long Beach CNG Station for Alt-Fuel Fleet


Republic Services, a U.S. recycling and non-hazardous solid waste company, has introduced its latest compressed natural gas (CNG) station, to be located in Long Beach, Calif., in support of the 56 new CNG collection trucks serving customers throughout the greater Long Beach area.

According to the company, the additional CNG trucks have replaced older diesel-powered trucks and bring the total number of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) operating in Long Beach to 147.

“Our growing fleet of alternative fuel vehicles in Long Beach enables us to offer cleaner and quieter operations,” says Heath Eddleblute, area president of Republic Services. “It also embodies our commitment, as one of the largest vocational fleet operators in the country, to doing our part to reduce carbon emissions whenever possible.”

Republic Services says the new station is its second alternative fuels facility in Long Beach, following the company’s commitment to AFVs in 2008. Currently, the company reports more than 75% of its fleet of 191 collection trucks in Long Beach run on CNG. Republic adds that it partnered with Clean Energy on this new fueling station project.

“Republic’s CNG program is a perfect fit with our Sustainable City Action Plan,” says Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. “Climate change is indeed real, and we must adapt the way we produce and use energy, supporting transportation that is not reliant on fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Nationwide, Republic operates a fleet of nearly 2,500 CNG-powered vehicles, which are supported by 38 natural gas fueling stations. Last year, Republic’s CNG fleet helped save roughly 21 million gallons of diesel fuel.

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