Report: City Has Buyer’s Remorse, Tries to Sell Unused CNG Truck


Cincinnati officials are still trying to sell a compressed natural gas (CNG) refuse truck that, as it turns out, the city couldn't use.

According to a FOX19 Investigation, the Cincinnati Department of Public Services bought the CNG truck for over $350,000 in 2013. However, the city does not have a way to fuel the vehicle, which is also too large to drive on most of the streets.

The Public Services director, who was not in office when the city purchased the truck, said the department bought the vehicle “without a clear analysis of what the truck could do in our city.”

FOX19 says the truck only racked up about 100 miles and has remained, unused, in a parking lot for over a year.

In 2014, officials decided to sell the CNG truck to city of Lexington, Ky., for more than $100,000 below the initial purchase price. That deal fell through, though, because of a warranty issue.

FOX19's full report is available here.

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