Renewable Energy Group Teams Up with CyRide Transit Agency


Renewable Energy Group Inc. has announced a partnership between its subsidiary and CyRide – the transit agency serving the City of Ames, Iowa, and Iowa State University – to supply biodiesel-blended fuel this year for the agency's bus fleet.

REG Energy Services LLC began providing 350,000 gallons of fuel with biodiesel blends of up to 20% for CyRide's 78 buses on Jan. 1. The agreement is REG's first with a municipality.

The City of Ames will increase its use of biodiesel from previous years under the agreement, which provides buses with higher blends of the biofuel during the summer months.

“We are pleased to be able to cost-effectively operate this essential community service in an environmentally sustainable manner using biodiesel fuel,” says Ames Transit Director Sheri Kyras. “Everyone benefits from this partnership.”

The CyRide fleet serves an average of 40,000 riders daily and operates approximately 1.2 million miles a year. Fuel for CyRide will come from REG's Magellan terminal in Des Moines.

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