Refuse Company Rolls Out CNG Trucks in Quebec


On Monday, representatives from Sani-Estrie Inc., Gaz Metro and its subsidiary Gaz Metro Transport Solutions (GMTS) joined Magog, Quebec, Mayor Vicki May Hamm to announce the arrival of new dump trucks powered exclusively by compressed natural gas (CNG).

The City of Magog has contracted Sani-Estrie to take care of its household waste removal. The Sherbrooke, Quebec-based family business currently boasts nine CNG trucks, five of which will be used for waste collection in Magog.

To facilitate fuel supply, GMTS provided a compression station on Sani-Estrie's Sherbrooke site. The new fleet, now in operation, has been refueling through the Gaz Metro network since July 1.

‘We are very excited about the new trucks, which will let us enjoy the many benefits of natural gas, especially on the economic and environmental levels,’ said Sylvain Gagne, Sani-Estrie's vice president. ‘Staying at the fore of transport trends is vital if we are to increase our competitiveness in the field of waste collection.’

The nine CNG trucks – two tractor-trailers, two roll-off trucks and five dump trucks – are the first of a total of 30 to be delivered over the next five years. Gaz Metro says the switch to natural gas gives Sani-Estrie an edge with prospective customers that, like the City of Magog, are concerned about reducing emissions.

‘We chose to be proactive in finding the best and most cost-effective solutions to reach and even surpass the environmental targets set by the Quebec government,’ said Mayor Hamm. ‘This is a concrete example of how our city's strategic directions can be put into action as we strive to implement sustainable practices in such areas as water and waste management, energy consumption and environmental conservation.’

Photo courtesy of Gaz Metro: One of Sani-Estrie Inc.'s new CNG trucks.

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