Rebates for Natural Gas, Propane Vehicles Available in Arkansas


The Arkansas Energy Office is offering funds through its Clean Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program to support fleets' deployments of vehicles that run on natural gas or propane autogas.

The program allows fleet operators to recoup some of their investment in propane or CNG vehicles, whether converted assets or new vehicles. The rebates are 50% of the conversion or incremental cost of the vehicle, capped at $4,500. Funding totaling $150,000 is being made available in this current round of rebates. There is no application deadline, but the rebates are available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

The state also recently awarded funds through its Gaseous Fuels Rebate Program to support the development of two public-access CNG stations: Kum & Go, located in Springdale, received a $400,000 rebate, and Arkansas Oklahoma Gas' CNG station project in Fort Smith received $200,000.

‘The popularity of clean fuel vehicles continues to rise, but more can be done to entice consumers to make the switch to clean fuels,’ says Mitchell Simpson, deputy director of the Arkansas Energy Office. ‘By providing incentives to both fleet operators and fuel stations, there is a better opportunity for alternative motor fuels to take hold.’

For more information about the alt-fuel vehicle rebates, click here.

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