ReadyH2 Expands Hydrogen Compressed Gas Tank Offerings


ReadyH2, a subsidiary of Fortress Solutions and Fortress UAV, says via its partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI), it is extending its offering of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved hydrogen compressed gas tanks for wider use and distribution in the U.S. and Canada. DMI was one of the first companies to receive such approval from the U.S. DOT.

ReadyH2 says it currently serves as the premier partner for all DMI’s customer and dealer hydrogen tank and fuel needs. This new expansion opens the door for new business opportunities and new companies in search of a partner for their own carbon-fiber, compressed hydrogen tank and fuel needs.

The U.S. DOT-certified hydrogen tanks can be rented based on customer needs and are applicable for all compressed hydrogen gas applications. DMI’s hydrogen tanks are manufactured of carbon-fiber composite and lined with a high-density polymer liner. The tanks hold up to 350 bars of working pressure and measure 225 mm (8.86 inches) x 435 mm (17.13 inches).

“This expansion allows our team to better serve more customers in need of hydrogen compressed gas tanks and refueling services,” says Brendon Mills, CEO of ReadyH2. “Enabling the use of the tanks beyond just hydrogen fuel cell drones helps the adoption of hydrogen fuel technology applications across the U.S. Our team is ready to tackle the hydrogen fuel needs of these new hydrogen applications.”

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