Range Energy Offers Online Calculator to Show Electric-Powered Trailer Savings


Range Energy, a hardware company bringing powered trailers to the commercial trucking market, has launched its operational expenditure (OpEx) savings calculator for commercial fleet owners and operators.

The first-of-its-kind online calculator captures and analyzes unique data points from fleets, including the price they pay for diesel fuel, baseline fuel efficiency, current electricity costs and miles driven per year to determine overall maintenance, fuel and electricity savings from the implementation of electric-powered trailers within their existing fleets. Preliminary third-party testing data and early customer pilots have shown Range’s electric trailers generate fuel efficiency gains of nearly 40%, 300 miles of full assist range, and can cut nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 70%.

Range’s electric-powered trailers allow fleets to immediately progress toward their electrification goals as the equipment is compatible with all current diesel-powered tractors as well as future electric semis. The OpEx calculator underscores the critical addition of Range’s technology to today’s fleets as it can uniquely measure and compare the way each fleet operates today and how implementing electric trailers can enable fuel, electricity and maintenance savings.

“Range’s trailers are a futureproof investment as they’re cost-effective and deliver emissions improvements today that will only enhance over time,” says Ali Javidan, CEO and founder of Range. “The OpEx calculator is a valuable resource that puts critical data into the hands of fleet owners and operators to better comprehend the cost and efficiency benefits they can achieve today. Our trailers are built to serve as an accelerant for the electric transition, meeting fleets’ immediate needs and long-term ambitions.”

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