Propane-Powered Ford F-59 Making the Rounds for FedEx Ground


ROUSH CleanTech used the occasion of the NTEA Work Truck Show to show off FedEx Ground's first propane-powered Ford F-59, which will be used in regault service in and around Buffalo, N.Y.

FedEx Ground contractor Jon Chase, CEO of Chase Delivery, estimates that he will realize a return on his investment in the ROUSH CleanTech autogas system in less than three years.

‘The wear and tear of propane autogas engines is significantly less than conventional fuel engines,’ he noted.

Chase refuels at a public propane autogas station, but he intends to install private refueling infrastructure as his propane-powered fleet grow. Right now, he has plans to roll out another three ROUSH CleanTech-equipped Ford F-59s by the end of this year. Each truck features a 65-gallon autogas tank and Ford's 6.8-liter V10 engine.

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