Propane-Powered Fleets Acknowledged for Autogas Deployments


The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and trade publication Metro Magazine used the occasion of the BusCon Expo in Indianapolis this week to recognize a handful of public transportation fleets that have helped propel the use of propane autogas.

The ‘Top User of Clean-Burning Propane Autogas’ awards were presented to the following organizations:

  • Access Transportation Inc.: The company currently operates 15 propane-autogas-powered Ford E-250 and Ford E-350 vehicles with ICOM JTG II systems, with plans to eventually convert its remaining 20 fleet vehicles to propane.
  • Benzie Transportation Authority: The agency uses seven propane autogas shuttle buses, also upfitted with ICOM JTG II systems, and one Ford E-450 transit vehicle with a dedicated ROUSH CleanTech fuel system.
  • Broward County Transit: This fleet has purchased 138 propane mini buses for its fleet this year alone, making it the largest alternative fuel paratransit fleet in the U.S. The vehicles will go into service next year.
  • Muncie Indiana Transit System: The agency is currently operating one test vehicle on propane autogas and has two new dedicated Ford E-450 transit vehicles with ROUSH CleanTech systems on order. The remaining15 paratransit fleet vehicles are also scheduled to be converted from diesel to propane autogas.
  • Palm Beach County: The fleet rolled out its first propane vehicles in 2012 and has ordered an additional 50 Ford E-450 dedicated propane autogas vehicles with ROUSH CleanTech systems, which they will receive before end of the year.
  • Provide A Ride: The company is converting 10 vehicles to propane autogas this year, in addition to their existing 42 propane-powered shuttles buses and vans (which use ICOM JTG II systems.
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