Propane Autogas Systems Specialist Operating New Facility


Icom North America LLC has opened its new Icom Technology and Training Center, which is focused on the development, integration and upfitting of its bi-fuel and mono-fuel liquid propane autogas injection systems, along with the training of technicians and fleet professionals.

‘The center enhances our ability to showcase for fleet owners and propane fuel suppliers liquid propane autogas injection systems and the benefits propane autogas offers as an alternative fuel,’ says Albert Venezio, chairman of Icom.

The new Michigan facility, which increases Icom's headquarters footprint by 50%, will enable the company to ‘extend its technological know-how through theoretical and practical training for our service centers and customers while developing and integrating new platforms,’ adds Icom CEO Ralph Perpetuini.

Icom manufactures a range of liquid propane autogas injection systems, such as its JTG platform. The company is also a distributor of Imega's GAME propane autogas sequential injection system.

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