Propane Autogas Fueling Added To Shell Station In England


A newly rebranded Shell fueling station in Needham Market, England, now features propane autogas fueling capabilities installed by Autogas Ltd., a joint venture between Shell and Calor Gas Ltd.

Autogas Ltd. says the Needham Market project is part a larger initiative aimed at building 20 propane fueling sites for its U.K. network this year. The company notes that autogas currently costs motorists about half the price of a diesel or gasoline fill-up, and there are about 1,400 autogas refueling locations in the U.K.

‘If ever there was a time to switch to LPG, then it must be now,’ says Paul Oxford, business development manager with Autogas Ltd. ‘Hard-hit motorists have been faced with diesel and petrol prices going through the roof.’

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