Plug Power Achieves First Liquid Green Hydrogen Tanker Fill at Georgia Plant


Hydrogen solutions provider Plug Power Inc. has completed the first fill of a Plug tanker with liquid green hydrogen produced at its Woodbine, Ga., production plant and destined for customer sites.

The achievement comes one week after the plant’s operations officially started. A Plug cryogenic trailer has been filled with liquid hydrogen for use at Walmart, Amazon and Home Depot sites. This is enough liquid hydrogen to fuel 3,216 forklifts a day.

Plug’s Georgia plant currently operates eight 5 MW electrolyzers, the largest proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer deployment in the U.S. The plant can produce up to 15 tons of liquid green hydrogen per day and serves customers in the eastern U.S. From production to fill, the process was completed in about four days, and the trailers will now deliver the green hydrogen to customers through Plug’s logistics network.

“The first delivery of our green hydrogen molecule marks a critical milestone for the green hydrogen economy,” says Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug. “If you want to see the hydrogen ecosystem of the future, it’s at Plug today. There’s no doubt that Plug is demonstrating the future with real products and projects at scale.”

“We took a big step today to make cost-effective green hydrogen available to our pedestal customers,” says Sanjay Shrestha, Plug’s general manager, Energy Solutions and chief strategy officer. “This validates our investment in building out a production plant network — a bet on our customers’ desire for more sustainable solutions.”

The company’s advanced cryogenic and liquefaction capabilities are integral to its operations, allowing green hydrogen to be safely and efficiently transported to customers. Plug’s liquid hydrogen tankers can transport up to 80,000 pounds per maximum gross vehicle weight. It takes approximately eight gas tube trailers to deliver the same amount of gaseous hydrogen as one liquid hydrogen tanker.

Plug has deployed more than 60,000 fuel cell systems and over 180 fueling stations, and it reportedly is the largest buyer of liquid hydrogen. With plans to operate a green hydrogen highway across North America and Europe, Plug built a state-of-the-art Gigafactory to produce electrolyzers and fuel cells and is developing multiple green hydrogen production plants targeting commercial operation by year-end 2028.

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