PESCO, Wise Gas To Jointly Pursue Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure


Peninsula Energy Services Co. Inc. (PESCO), a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corp. that provides natural gas supply services to commercial and industrial customers in Florida, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, has formed a partnership with Wise Gas Inc. to build compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations for municipal and private fleets.

‘CNG is achieving more widespread adoption and becoming the alternative fuel of choice,’ says Jeff Greene, who will be the project leader for Wise Gas and PESCO. ‘I am excited to have an opportunity to partner with PESCO to help consult with fleet owners and build fueling stations for public and private fleets.’

Greene has consulted for Wise Gas since 2008. The company has developed five CNG fueling stations in Florida, and it also manufactures CNG bi-fuel conversion kits.

Under the terms of the agreement, PESCO and Wise Gas will work together on sourcing opportunities to develop CNG fueling stations.

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