Pentagon Energy Nets First Customer for Planned ‘Mother’ CNG Station


Pentagon Energy LLC has entered into its first compressed natural gas (CNG) contract for its so-called “mother station” that the company is planning to build in the Marcellus shale region.

The undisclosed buyer has agreed to purchase up to 90 BCF of CNG for a period of five years for distribution in the U.S. Northeast region. Pentagon Energy says it is planning to develop its premier CNG mother station with the ability to compress up to 2.5 BCF per month.

“The buyer is one of the largest participants in the global gas markets and will be a strong foundation customer for our first CNG mother station in the U.S.,” says Alberto Chiesara, Principal. “Entering into this agreement is a significant milestone for our project, and we look forward to working closely with this very important client to make this project a success.”

Pentagon Energy says it is planning to use specially designed CNG trailer trucks to transport the gas from the mother station to different locations in the Northeast market.  The development of this technology and the manufacturing was undertaken by its sister company, Composites Advanced Technologies, in Houston.

As currently contemplated, Pentagon Energy is planning to develop several mother stations in the U.S. to supply CNG to locations that experience gas shortages or lack the infrastructure to receive gas. The company acquired Morgan Stanley’s CNG export business back in April.

“Our aim is to rapidly expand the CNG mother/daughter station concept into other local and international markets,” explains Ryan Comerford, principal of Pentagon Energy.

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