Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Deploying Medium-Duty Electric Vehicles


Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA), a transportation agency that operates in eastern Pennsylvania, is acquiring two medium-duty paratransit electric vehicles for its fleet following the successful demonstration of an all-electric step van from AMP Electric Vehicles.

Central to this project is AMP's joint venture with Momentum Dynamics Corp., which specializes in wireless high-power electronics.

‘Both our companies recognize the importance of collaborating to integrate wireless charging technology to be used in a real-world application for BARTA's transit vehicles,’ says Marty Rucidlo, president of AMP. ‘We see wireless charging as an important technology asset for our package delivery fleet vehicle customers as well.’

BARTA's EV project is being funded by Momentum Dynamics, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. BARTA is the first major transportation authority in Pennsylvania to deploy fully electric vehicles, the companies say.

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