Partners Wrap Up Refueling Station to Supply LNG to Heavy-Duty Trucks


Global energy company Cepsa and gas utility Redexis have completed their fourth natural gas refueling station, located on the A-3 highway linking Madrid and Valencia, near the town of Castillejo de Iniesta, Spain.

The facility is at a strategic location for the transportation of goods between the center of the peninsula and the Mediterranean area, with over 5,000 heavy vehicles traveling daily. The station will supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) for heavy-duty vehicles.

In addition to this new station, both companies have NGV refueling facilities in Puerto Lumbreras (A-7), Mercazaragoza (A-2) and Trujillo (A-5), and they plan to start up another three service stations in some of the main national transportation corridors, at Cepsa service stations in the provinces of Madrid (A-4), Jaén (A-4) and Salamanca (A-62).

“We remain committed to the creation of the largest network of gas stations in Spain, building and developing the necessary infrastructure to promote alternative fuels in our country,” says Javier Migoya, director of B2B at Redexis.

Redexis has committed to making an investment of 60 million euros through 2023 to undertake the construction and maintenance of 80 natural gas refueling stations located at Cepsa Service Stations.

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