Pair of New Stations to Dot PA’s CNG Refueling Map


Two subsidiaries of American Natural Retail LLC will each be building a new compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station in Pennsylvania, expanding the state's growing network of infrastructure.

Ariel Holdings LP will be receiving a $720,000 grant through the state's Alternative and Clean Energy (ACE) program to help fund the development of a CNG facility in Harmar Township, at the intersection of Route 910 and Rich Hill Rd. This public-access station, which is located outside of Pittsburgh, will also support the natural gas vehicle initiative of heavy-duty transportation company Pitt Ohio. The company's new trucking and maintenance terminal is in close proximity to the new station.

Another American Natural Retail subsidiary, Hypatia Holdings LP, is garnering a $600,000 grant – also through the ACE program – for the construction of a CNG fueling station at 2619 Wexford Bayne Rd. in Sweickley. The location, which is also near Pittsburgh, currently houses an abandoned gas station that Hypatia will renovate. The new CNG station will be a public-access facility.

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