Ontario’s Improved EV Incentive Program Now Offers Up To C$10,000


Ontario is introducing a new Electric Vehicle Incentive Program that it says will help reduce greenhouse-gas pollution and make it easier for Ontarians to switch to an electric vehicle (EV).

The province’s first Electric Vehicle Incentive Program was launched in 2010. Through this program, incentives were provided for the purchase of 4,800 EVs and about 1,100 home chargers. There are currently about 5,800 EVs total in the province.

The new, modernized program will do the following:

  • Increase the current incentive range for EVs from C$5,000 – C$8,500 to C$6,000 – C$10,000;
  • Provide an opportunity to receive an additional C$3,000 incentive for vehicles with larger battery capacities;
  • Provide an additional C$1,000 incentive for vehicles with five or more seats;
  • Continue to provide incentives linked to battery capacity of more than 5 kWh;
  • Cap incentives for vehicles priced between C$75,000 and C$150,000 at C$3,000; and
  • Provide up to C$1,000 for the purchase and installation of chargers for home and business use.

The initiative builds on the December 2015 announcement that an additional $20 million from Ontario’s Green Investment Fund will go toward creating a network of fast-charging public EV charging stations to support city-to-city and in-city EV travel across the province.

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