Onboard Dynamics Launches GoFill CNG Refueling System


Onboard Dynamics has launched the new GoFill refueling system

GoFill is an instant dispensing unit for refueling compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. The new product eliminates infrastructure barriers for fleet operators who immediately need an easy CNG station setup to refuel their commercial trucks.

The first unit rolled out in Oregon as part of the NW Natural’s free truck loan program. The GoFill will be providing natural gas for refueling CNG into a Hyliion low-emission Class 8 truck for long and heavy hauls. The program provides fleet operators a short-term, no-cost demo period to experience the vehicle. The on-site, easy station setup makes fueling convenient during the demo period.

“We designed the GoFill as a companion to the GoFlo compressor to create a CNG-in-a-day solution,” says Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard Dynamics. “We’re excited to roll out our new product for NW Natural’s truck loan program and help contribute to the adoption of natural gas vehicles.”

The versatile design makes the GoFill a temporary or permanent installation. When paired with Onboard Dynamics’ natural gas compressor, the GoFlo, an instant fueling station can be set up that doesn’t require electricity to operate. This makes rapid deployment possible in locations where infrastructure is challenging.

The new GoFill, when packaged with the GoFlo compressor, gives operators everything they need to begin converting their fleet to natural or renewable natural gas.

Photo: Onboard Dynamics’ GoFlo compressor and GoFill refueling system

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