Omaha Transit Orders CNG, Clean Diesel Buses


New Flyer of America Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., has received an order from the Transit Authority of the City of Omaha, Neb., (Omaha Metro) for 18 35-foot Xcelsior heavy-duty transit buses.

The new buses, awarded in three separate orders, are a combination of compressed natural gas (CNG) and clean diesel, which uses a four-step process to filter harmful emissions, the company says. The order will replace older, existing buses with more efficient models.

The buses are also low-floor vehicles capable of “kneeling,” making the boarding process more convenient, according to New Flyer, which notes that all of Omaha Metro’s fleet is also ADA-accessible.

“These new buses help Omaha Metro provide a transportation system that is citizen-focused, efficient and well-managed,” says Curt Simon, executive director of Omaha Metro.

The buses are a part of Omaha Metro’s plan to reduce fleet emissions through replacement. In the last few months, Omaha Metro has replaced nine paratransit vans with CNG-powered vehicles and is in the process of installing 50 solar-powered bus shelters. Upcoming improvements include GPS bus tracking and onboard Wi-Fi.

“New Flyer is proud to support Omaha Metro in upgrading its fleet with more economical, comfortable and reliable vehicles,” says Wayne Joseph, president of New Flyer of America. “We are thrilled to provide more low- and no-emission buses that fit Omaha Metro’s goals of providing accessible transit to all, with increased efficiency that helps conserve the environment.”

Omaha Metro’s mass transit system includes approximately 4,000 posted bus stops and delivers more than 4.5 million rides per year.

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