Oklahoma College Now Offering AFV Safety Training for First Responders


Oklahoma City Community College’s Professional Development Institute is now offering first responder trainers the opportunity to learn safety procedures and best practices concerning alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) on Aug. 24-25, according to the Tulsa Area Clean Cities Coalition (TACC).

Tailored to each profession, the courses will be taught by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC). The TACC, which promotes the use of AFVs to increase energy security, reduce fleet operating costs and improve the environment while reducing petroleum use in the transportation sector, says it will host the course offerings.

Considering AFVs are growing in number and popularity throughout Oklahoma, the chance of these new technologies being involved in a collision has increased significantly. Consequently, fire, emergency medical services and law enforcement personnel should be trained on the proper procedures for safely addressing incidents involving these new technologies.

These three targeted courses feature techniques to safely respond to vehicle collisions, incidents and injuries involving AFVs, in addition to providing information on alternative fuels, their properties and origins, and ways in which AFVs differ from conventionally fueled vehicles.

Developed by the NAFTC, these courses were made possible by the TACC through funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program and were constructed from existing NAFTC First Responder Safety Training materials.

For the full release and registration and schedule information, click here.

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