Ohio Conference to Focus on Renewable Natural Gas


On Dec. 2, Clean Fuels Ohio and Energy Vision will present “Waste to Wheels II: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for Transportation,” a day-long conference that will take place at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio.

Clean Fuels Ohio says the conference will focus on the development of RNG transportation projects throughout Ohio and beyond, and the event will feature panel discussions focused key related topics, such as the following:

– Basics anaerobic digestion and gas cleaning technologies;

– Models and economics for three types of RNG transportation projects: RNG production co-located with compressed natural gas (CNG) stations, RNG for pipeline injection and wheeling to CNG stations, AND mobile on-road distribution from production facilities to CNG stations;

– Fleet utilization opportunities;

– Pipeline injection and intricacies of gas marketer business relationships to facilitate utilization; and

– Policy, especially the federal renewable fuel standard, to incentivize RNG use in both CNG and electric vehicles.

Headlining sponsors for the event are Renergy and Vectren, with additional support provided by the Argonne National Laboratory, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, and several other industry and fleet sponsors and contributors.

Waste to Wheels II is open and free to members of Clean Fuels Ohio. Non-members may register for $25, and student registration is $10.

Click here for the event registration page.

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