Not Enough CNG: TruStar Clients Back for More


TruStar Energy says it will be expanding existing compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations for Rumpke Consolidated Companies and Modern Disposal Services – both longtime TruStar customers whose CNG-powered fleets are growing beyond the original time-fill stations' capacity.

Rumpke is adding fueling posts for an additional 28 trucks, and Modern Disposal is adding a third 250 hp compressor and fueling posts to support the addition of 20 new refuse trucks. At full deployment, Modern will have 90 CNG-powered trucks, while Rumpke will have several hundred.

‘Both Rumpke and Modern were early adopters of CNG – and as savvy fleet owners, they understand the dynamics of the fuel and the savings associated with domestic natural gas,’ says Scott Edelbach, vice president of TruStar. ‘It's proof positive that CNG continues to gain in acceptance with fleets – and the value proposition is real.’

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