Nonprofit Organization Converting Cargo Vans To CNG


Pennsylvania-based nonprofit organization Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging Inc. (CCAAA) says it has teamed with UGI Utilities Inc. on a project that promotes the benefits of economical, environmentally friendly compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered vehicles.

CCAAA says it is in the process of converting its fleet of 11 cargo vans – used for daily Meals-on-Wheels food deliveries to senior citizens – to operate on CNG. Under the partnership, UGI is providing CNG for the vehicles through a fueling station, manufactured by GreenLine Fuels, at CCAAA's meal production and distribution facility.

‘Converting our Meals-on-Wheels van fleet to compressed natural gas is a great project that will benefit not only our own organization and the people we serve, but could also be the catalyst to start the growth of a new type of infrastructure and service system for our area,” says John Kordish, executive director of CCAAA.

To date, two of the organization's 11 cargo vans have been converted to bi-fuel power (equipped with two fueling systems and tanks that hold unleaded gasoline and CNG). According to CCAAA, fuel savings are expected to total $2,500 annually and should increase as more vans are converted to operate solely on CNG. The agency hopes to have the entire fleet converted to CNG operation within a year.

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