Nonprofit Funds Advanced-Fueling Initiative At The University Of Chicago


The University of Chicago's Energy Policy Institute at Chicago (EPIC) has received a $1.5 million grant from the Fuel Freedom Foundation to establish the Future of Transportation Fuels Initiative.

This initiative is aimed at supporting faculty and experts who are studying economic and policy effects related to alternative transportation fuels. The grant will also fund Ph.D. students and a visiting professorship, as well as extend outreach programs to the public.

‘This is a critical time for our nation, as we search for ways to lower fuel costs and achieve energy independence,’ says Yossie Hollander, co-founder of the Fuel Freedom Foundation.

‘In addition to oil, we have an abundance of natural gas, ethanol and methanol,’ adds Joe Cannon, president of the Fuel Freedom Foundation. ‘We need to understand the impact all of these fuels can have in bringing down the price Americans pay at the pump.’

The Fuel Freedom Foundation is focused on promoting the development of cheaper, cleaner, American-made fuels by ‘reducing regulatory and infrastructure barriers to competition,’ the nonprofit organization says.

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