Niyato Nets Large CNG Bi-Fuel Conversion Project; Offering Free Refueling


Niyato Re-Power, a division of Niyato Industries Inc., says it is working with a Texas-based drilling company to convert 150 of its existing fleet vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) bi-fuel systems, as well as to convert eight new bi-fuel vehicles each month as a part of the company's ongoing fleet replacement program. The conversions are scheduled to begin next month.

Niyato, which is based in Nevada, offers CNG conversions for both Ford and GM vehicles. Leslie Stencil, CEO of Niyato, says the company recently completed agreements with fleet managers for several Ford and GM dealerships in Louisiana, where Niyato will convert new vehicles for their customers.

The company is also bringing fleets a notable value-add:

‘We are offering any fleet owner in America a free station on their property with the purchase of 70 or more Niyato Re-Power systems and a guaranteed purchase of Niyato CNG Gaz2 for five years,’ Stencil says.

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