Nissan Supporting EV Quick-Charge Network In Europe


Nissan says it is accelerating plans to deploy an electric vehicle (EV) quick-charge network in Europe by giving 400 new quick charging stations free of charge to EV charging operators.

The Nissan LEAF's range of up to 175 km is sufficient for most owners, but prevalent quick-charger networks will allow drivers to travel longer distances in a day, the company says. The advanced lithium-ion batteries in the LEAF can be recharged from 0% to 80% capacity in 30 minutes using a quick charger.

Nissan will give the 400 units to its Zero Emissions Mobility partners and volunteering companies in Europe. The criteria for selection includes convenient and accessible charger location, installation starting in February 2012 and free or discounted charging for all Nissan LEAF customers for at least one year.

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