NHTSA Completes Chevy Volt Investigation, Finds No Defect That Causes Fires


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed its safety-defect investigation into fire risks associated with the Chevy Volt electric vehicle, having found that ‘no discernible defect trend exists.’

The investigation, which began in late November, was initiated in response to fires that broke out on Volts weeks after test vehicles were crashed in routine safety trials. Those fires were evidently linked to damages sustained by the vehicle's battery and battery-cooling system.

At the time, the NHTSA was emphatic about there being no fires connected to real-world Volt crashes. The agency also now says that modifications General Motors recently made to the Volt further reduce the potential for ‘battery intrusions’ that could result from a serious side-impact collision.

‘NHTSA continues to believe that electric vehicles show great promise as a safe and fuel-efficient option for American drivers,’ the groups said in a statement.

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