NGVi Launches E-Learning Course for NGV Techs


The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi) has announced the release of its NGV Technician and Fleet Operations Safety Training as an e-learning option.

The institute says the course, designed for natural gas vehicle (NGV) technicians and other fleet or dealership operations personnel, is accessible through an interactive learning management system, thus providing students with a convenient way of learning independently and at their own pace.

Like its classroom equivalent, the e-learning course provides students with fundamental information they need to both understand and safely work on and around compressed and liquefied natural gas vehicles, adds NGVi.

“Because of the unique properties of natural gas and the fuel system components of natural gas vehicles, even seasoned vehicle technicians need this essential training before they begin maintaining NGVs,” says Leo Thomason, executive director and lead instructor at NGVi.

“CNG-powered vehicles require high-pressure fuel systems with very different operating characteristics than gasoline or diesel vehicles,” he continues. “While these vehicles are extremely safe, it is essential that technicians understand the fuel system components and basic safety procedures like depressurization and defueling.”

The e-learning course is approximately two hours in length and is organized into eight modules. Individuals who finish the course and pass the final exam receive an NGVi certificate of completion.

More details are available here.

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