Next Round of Volkswagen Settlement Delayed Due to COVID-19


Clean Fuels Ohio says the next round of the Volkswagen settlement that was set to be released in June will be delayed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

A timetable for the new release date is yet to be determined. 

Except for specific programs, all state spending and new hiring has been put on hold. During this time, the top priorities of Governor Dewine’s administration focus on controlling the spread of the virus while addressing the immediate economic impacts of a shelter in place order on many Ohioans. Additionally, as the VW settlement is part of a legal settlement and funds can only be used for specific purposes, the money will not be spent outside of vehicle projects and EV charging in the future. 

“We, along with The Success Group, have communicated among multiple avenues with the Ohio EPA and several individuals within the Dewine administration,” says Jason Phillips, policy director for Clean Fuels Ohio.  

“We have been assured that while the money will still be there when the state is ready to release funds for vehicle projects, fleets around the state are simply not in a position right now to prepare their grant applications,” he adds.

Clean Fuels Ohio and The Success Group are monitoring the situation and continuing their advocacy for their members.

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