New Natural Gas Vehicle Savings Calculator Available Online


Corridor Clean Fuels, developer of the Cynergy brand of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling solutions, has rolled out a simple, web-based savings calculator that allows fleets to ascertain whether a switch to CNG is viable for their operations.

The company says the tool, which is available at the Cynergy homepage under the ‘Savings Calculator’ tab, calculates savings and payback periods for individual natural gas vehicles or for groups of similar vehicles that consume similar volumes of fuel. The tool also uses NGV residual value as metric – a somewhat elusive but important variable in the cost-benefit analysis.

‘There are a number of good calculators available on the web, from very basic to extremely complex,’ says Randy Spence, chief operating officer of Corridor Clean Fuels. ‘We wanted to develop one that was extremely simple for the user but would also allow a better financial picture than some of the calculators currently available. This calculator is by no means exhaustive, but will help the fleet owner considering compressed natural gas to make an initial evaluation before moving on to a more detailed financial analysis.’

Readers can contact Spence at with questions about the calculator or the results it produces.

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