New Flyer Zero-Emission Bus Deliveries Surged in 2016


New Flyer of America Inc. has announced that deliveries of zero-emission buses (ZEBs) in 2016 reached their highest level in company history, delivering 213 equivalent units (EUs) in 2016.

As reported, this ZEB milestone was a dramatic increase of 48% from 144 ZEB EUs delivered in 2015 and represents 8.3% of New Flyer’s total heavy-duty transit bus production in 2016.

Wayne Joseph, president of New Flyer Transit Bus, says, “New Flyer believes that zero-emission acceptance has now hit a breakthrough level for the heavy-duty transit market in 2016. We estimate that approximately 255 EUs of the heavy-duty transit bus deliveries in 2016 were zero emission, and New Flyer is proud to have delivered more than 83%.”

New Flyer manufactures all three current types of ZEBs, including battery-electric, trolley-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric buses. This design and manufacturing capability allows transit authorities to optimize the charging method, infrastructure and range capability for their specific needs.

All New Flyer ZEBs are based on the Xcelsior heavy-duty transit bus platform, driven by electric motors, and share common electric accessories. New Flyer has now delivered over 6,400 buses driven by electric motors to the North American transit industry over the past 20 years, including hybrid electric propulsion.

Chris Stoddart, senior vice president in engineering and customer service, says, “Our customers rely on us to stand behind the technology and support their operations throughout the 12+-year life of the bus. Our Altoona reliability and structural integrity results widely differentiates our zero-emission bus to all other electric bus manufacturers in North America.”

New Flyer says it has developed a portfolio of clean-air solution partners, including Siemens, BAE, Allison, XALT Energy, A123 Systems, Vanner, Thermo King, EMP, Parker, Vossloh-Kiepe, Shunk and Cummins. In addition, New Flyer’s focus on emissions reduction includes propulsion systems with the latest generation of hydrogen fuel cells from Ballard Power Systems and Hydrogenics.

New Flyer’s clean-air solutions expanded in 2016 with the delivery of the industry’s first OEM installation of the Cummins ISL-G Near-Zero NOx engine into the Xcelsior platform.

New Flyer is also currently validating North America’s first 60-foot articulated battery-electric bus with a hydrogen fuel cell range extender, complemented by dual-driven axles for enhanced traction, at the U.S. Federal Transit Administration’s Altoona proving grounds.

As the trend toward clean air technology grows, New Flyer pledges to continue investing in technology, robust vehicle system integration strategies, and the expansion of its manufacturing capability and supply chain for enhanced reliability and support.

Photos courtesy of New Flyer – As pictured, New Flyer XHE60 hydrogen-electric and Chicago Transit Authority XE40 battery-electric.

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