New Facility Will Produce CNG Fuel from Organic Waste


Zero Waste Energy LLC (ZWE) has initiated construction on an anaerobic digestion facility in South San Francisco, Calif., that will convert organic waste into compressed natural gas (CNG) and compost.

The Blue Line Biogenic CNG facility will convert 11,200 tons per year of food and green waste into 100,000+ DGE of CNG fuel annually. It is estimated that each collection vehicle will collect enough organic waste during just one route to fuel it for an entire day.

The Blue Line Biogenic CNG Facility will be developed in a partnership with Blue Line Transfer Inc., South San Francisco Scavenger Co. Inc. and ZWE. The project will include SMARTFERM anaerobic digestion technology.

‘SMARTFERM will give us the ability to reduce the organics going into the landfill by converting that same waste into CNG fuel to power our collection routes,’ says Doug Button, president of South San Francisco Scavenger.

The facility is scheduled to begin operation in the second quarter of 2014.

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