New Canadian Facility Will Focus On Transportation Biofuel Production


Biofuel company Enerkem is partnering with alcohol producer GreenField Ethanol to establish a full-scale commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in Quebec. The provincial government is supporting the project with a $27 million investment.

The plant will be built at an existing GreenField Ethanol site in Varennes, Quebec, and will use Enerkem's proprietary technology to convert non-recyclable municipal solid waste into biofuels. Enerkem currently also has facilities under construction in Edmonton, Alberta, and in Mississippi.

‘By producing liquid transportation fuel from non-recyclable waste, this facility opens the door to the emergence of a new energy sector and will allow for local sustainable management of our waste materials,’ says Vincent Chornet, Enerkem's president and CEO.

The companies note that the annual production capacity of the plant will be approximately 10 million gallons.

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