New Association Focuses on Public EV Charging Network


Five companies have formed the ROEV Association, a collaboration of electric vehicle (EV) industry stakeholders designed to support EV adoption in the U.S. by facilitating public charging network interoperability.

Founding partners include automakers BMW of North America and Nissan and EV charging companies CarCharging/Blink, ChargePoint and NRG Evgo. The association is encouraging all EV industry stakeholders to join its efforts.

“Driving an EV will be easier thanks to ROEV. The EV driver’s ability to find, and charge at, any member public station, using an EV charging network account of their choice, is paramount to a simple driving and charging experience,” says Simon Lonsdale, chair of ROEV’s board. “The ROEV Association is working to streamline EV charging access across multiple charging networks in order to help bring EVs further into the mainstream.”

The group says one of ROEV’s primary goals is to provide easier access to all networked, public EV chargers by adopting and promoting interoperability standards, so that drivers can charge anywhere public stations are found in the U.S. by using a participating EV charging network account.

Much like bank cards make it possible to withdraw funds from any ATM, drivers with a participating EV charging network account will be able to charge their EV at other participating charging stations.

Beyond the founders, several new companies have already joined the association, including Audi, Honda, Efacec, Portland General Electric, SemaConnect, and BTC Power.

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