Nevada Transit Agency Looking to Roll Out 400 NGVs


The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) has taken delivery of new compressed natural gas (CNG) paratransit vehicles that represent the first step in the agency's shift to alternative fuels.

RTC signed a contract with RO Bus Sales for the purchase and conversion of 80 initial units, as well as for four optional extensions to bring another 320 natural gas vehicles into the fleet through 2017.

As a part of the CNG upfits, RO worked with the bus manufacturer and CNG upfitter to configure two tanks vertically in rear compartments of the unit, with a third tank under the bus. Each bus features 60 GGE of CNG on board, along with fire-suppression equipment and gas-detection sensors. RO also installed defueling ports to allow one unit to refuel another, instead of sending a CNG fuel truck or towing the unit off its route.

The company notes that it will begin upfitting the next round of 80 units next month.

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