Network in Place to Bring Natural Gas to Heavy-Duty Fleets


American Power Group Corp. (APG) says all the companies that comprise WheelTime Network LLC have become APG authorized dealers and will soon be handling sales, installations, warranty diagnostics and post-installation maintenance for APG's dual-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) conversions.

APG and WheelTime first announced their partnership in November 2012, at which time WheelTime agreed to offer APG's Turbocharged Natural Gas systems through its 18 member companies. These organizations are focused on providing heavy-duty truck services through a network of more than 200 service centers and 2,800 service bays.

‘Now that everyone is on board, we have begun our vehicular sales training with key regional sales training sessions scheduled for May and June,’ says Lyle Jensen, CEO of APG. ‘One of the WheelTime member locations in the Western region is already certified and has supported 12 'early-adopter conversions' for numerous customer validations. We anticipate having multiple certified installer locations operating in many major regional markets by calendar year-end.’

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