Nel Hydrogen, Linesight Wrapping Up Hydrogen Refueling Station


Nel Hydrogen and multinational consultancy firm Linesight have collaborated on the delivery of a new hydrogen fuel station for 20 hydrogen buses for Transport for London (TfL).

Under the terms of this program, Nel was commissioned to provide TfL with an H2 station solution to provide fuel to 20 hydrogen buses operating in west London. This state-of-the-art station allows TfL to refuel hydrogen buses in just a few minutes, the companies say. The contract includes a 10-year service and maintenance agreement.

The station will initially service the fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses at Metroline’s Perivale bus depot.

Currently, London has 9,000 buses in operation, and TfL has set an objective for all buses in the city to run on either electric battery or hydrogen by 2037.

Linesight has been working with Nel Hydrogen since 2019, providing program, project,and cost consultancy services in both North America and Europe. On the TfL initiative, Linesight is providing project and cost management services to Nel.

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Christopher Dale
Christopher Dale
2 years ago

Why did TfL go to NEL to supply its hydrogen and not to ITM.?