Natural Gas Vehicle Tragedy: CNG Business Owner Killed In Accident


A number of media outlets have reported that Wesley Little, owner of CNG Solutions in Broken Arrow, Okla., was killed yesterday morning when a high-pressure release from a compressed natural gas (CNG) tank knocked Little more than 20 feet from where he was standing.

Little was reportedly in the parking lot next to his business working on a pickup truck outfitted with a CNG tank. The cause of the accident is being investigated, but a source says Little was likely unscrewing the valve on the tank, believing it was empty. Â

There was evidently no fire or explosion at the site, according to reports. However, part of the truck's bed was destroyed, and debris was found within a 50-foot radius of the tank.

Tony Griffith and Ted Massad, both of whom work for nearby CNG Oklahoma Auto Sales, spoke to reporter Ian Silver from Fox 23 news following the accident. Massad expressed concerns about the quality of some parts used in CNG conversions, as well as a lack of training among some who work on CNG vehicles.

Massad did not suggest, however, that Little was untrained.

‘As far as I know, Wes Little did have the proper training,’ Massad told Fox 23. ‘And I do believe it was just a tragic accident.’

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