NAFA Honors Ecolab Fleet


Ecolab Inc. has received the NAFA Fleet Management Association 2012 Sustainable Fleet Award in recognition of the company's progressive work related to its 7,000-vehicle U.S. fleet.

From 2006 to 2011, Ecolab's fleet showed an 18% increase in the average miles per gallon per vehicle and an 8% reduction in fuel consumed (1.4 million gallons) – all while the fleet grew 1% and the total miles driven rose more than 8%.

‘Our sustainability action plan included right-sizing the fleet and redefining the optimal vehicle for business requirements,’ says Gayle Pratt, director of Ecolab's global fleet. ‘We revised our fleet policies to acquire more fuel-efficient vehicles, focusing on EPA-certified SmartWay vehicles. We moved from large to intermediate to small vehicles; and from eight- to six- to four-cylinder engines whenever possible.’

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