More Than 1,000 All-Electric Buses And Taxis Added To Public Transportation Fleet


The government of Shenzhen City, China, says it is deploying 1,500 all-electric K9 buses and e6 taxis from BYD in its public transportation fleet, in addition to making policy changes that promote greater electric vehicle (EV) adoption rates in the private sector.

The K9 will build on BYD's existing eBUS-12 platform, which runs 155 miles on a single charge in urban conditions, consuming less than 100 kWh per 60 miles. The e6 is a five-seat crossover with an 111-inch wheelbase. The vehicle has a 75 kW motor and iron-phosphate battery pack, resulting in a range of 186.4 miles and a top speed in excess of 85 mph.

To complement the public transportation all-electric fleet, the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission is encouraging private EV ownership by setting policies that impose fees on emissions from gasoline cars while rewarding alternative-energy-vehicle drivers based on the distances traveled. Other incentives include allowing all-electric drivers to use public bus lanes during rush hour and offering free annual maintenance checks.

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