Midway City Sanitary District Opens New CNG Fueling Facility


Midway City Sanitary District (MCSD) has announced the opening of its new, $3 million compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facility, located at 14451 Cedarwood Ave. in Westminster, Calif. MCSD, which provides curbside solid waste collection and recycling in Westminster and Midway City, says the station will supply fuel to its fleet of CNG refuse trucks.

According to MCSD, the calculation of the annual return on investment (ROI) for the purchase, installation and operation of this onsite CNG facility is based on the current fuel use of the 15-truck fleet, the cost of the equipment at today's prices, and estimates of ongoing operational costs when matched against the annual cost of using diesel as fuel. The estimated ROI for the district is 6.7 years.

A portion of the funding for the installation costs came to MCSD through a $250,000 clean transportation funding grant from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee.

The new facility was value engineered and constructed by Diversified Project Services International Inc. (DPSI), a general construction, engineering, design and inspection firm in Long Beach, Calif. DPSI and its team of subcontractors' scope of work included piping and equipment installation, electrical upgrades, concrete and asphalt upgrades, a complete building renovation, and the installation of a new 1 MW emergency back-up generator.

MCSD says this new facility incorporates the latest CNG fuel dispensing systems capable of simultaneous time-fill fueling of 15 trucks and a fast-fill station. The project also included the upgrade of the Southern California Edison electrical service to the entire MCSD facility and the installation of ventilation and safety systems needed for an urban CNG fueling facility located near a residential neighborhood.

Photos courtesy of Midway City Sanitary District

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