Mansfield Oil/Dynamic Fuels Partnership Nets Norfolk Southern As First Fleet Customer


Marking the first deal signed since the companies formed a joint marketing agreement on Feb. 1, Dynamic Fuels LLC and Mansfield Oil Co. say they are supplying transportation company Norfolk Southern Corp. with renewable diesel under a long-term contract.

‘Norfolk Southern is pleased to be the first fleet user of renewable diesel in the U.S.,’ says Gerhard Thelen, Norfolk Southern's vice president of operations planning and support. ‘Our locomotive engines are completely compatible with the pure renewable diesel provided by Dynamic Fuels and Mansfield.’

Norfolk Southern has been using Dynamic Fuels renewable diesel, which is produced from animal fats and greases, at its Meridian, Miss., rail yard since early January. That fuel is derived from a production plant in Geismar, La.

‘Renewable diesel is a sustainable, ultra-clean-burning, high-cetane fuel that reduces carbon emissions and significantly reduces particulates and NOx when combusted in existing diesel engines,’ says Ron Stinebaugh, senior vice president of Syntroleum Corp., which co-owns Dynamic Fuels with Tyson Foods Inc.

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