Mack Trucks Helping to Facilitate Fleets’ Alternative Fuel Grant Work


Mack Trucks has formed a relationship with the Sustainability Initiatives Group (SIG), a clean-transportation consultancy, in order to assist dealers and fleet customers that are looking at alternative fuel (e.g., compressed natural gas) and clean diesel vehicles.

Central to Mack Trucks' work with SIG is the facilitation of grant processes – the ability of fleets to access various funding and incentive programs for alt-fuel and clean truck deployments. SIG will be maintaining an up-to-date inventory of federal and state grant information, offering summaries on relevant grant opportunities, and assisting in the grant application process, including the writing of the grant.

‘Whether the solution is an alternative fuel vehicle or a service, such as helping simplify the grant application process, Mack is dedicated to working with customers to help achieve their business needs,’ says Brian Layman, Mack's vice president of business development.

Fleet and truck owners can contact their Mack dealer for more information about SIG's services.

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