Love’s Brings CNG Refueling Online in the Texas Triangle


Love's Travel Stops has debuted fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling capabilities for heavy-duty trucks and passenger vehicles at its location in Willis, Texas, located off Exit 95 on Interstate 45.

Love's notes that this facility represents the company's first CNG dispensers in the Texas Triangle and is the first of 10 stations that the company plans on opening in its current phase of CNG infrastructure build-out.

‘Willis is in a location that's heavily traveled by professional fleets and light-duty vehicles, so this location makes sense,’ says Bill Cashmareck, general manager of natural gas at Love's, adding that the Willis station will help make travel between Houston, Dallas and San Antonio feasible for natural gas vehicles.

The retail price of CNG at the Willis travel stop is $1.99/GGE.

Love's adds that it will have fast-fill CNG available in several other locations, including in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio, by the end of this year.

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