Logistics Provider Adds Telematics to 650-Vehicle Fleet


Bibby Distribution, one of the largest U.K.-based logistics providers, says its entire commercial vehicle fleet is now tracked by telematics, helping to further slash the company's carbon footprint through improved driver performance.

The telematics service tracks every yard of the 32 million miles covered by the commercial vehicles each year. It has helped cut carbon emissions per vehicle across the 650-vehicle fleet by almost 15% compared to 2012, Bibby says.

By improving the carbon footprint of its fleet, the company explains, it is also changing driver behavior to make its fleet operations safer. The telematics system can be used to monitor carbon-inefficient and potentially risky activities such as harsh acceleration or braking. This allows Bibby Distribution to create tailor-made training packages for each individual driver to improve the carbon efficiency of his driving.

Telematics and training are part of the company's larger strategy to cut the carbon cost of logistics. The 3PL is also operating 39 15.6m longer semi-trailers, which contributed to a 5.6% reduction in diesel usage in 2013.

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