LNG For Transportation Fuel Eyed In Dresser-Rand, Expansion Energy Agreement


Dresser-Rand Co. has attained an exclusive license for Expansion Energy's proprietary VX Cycle technology, which supports the small-scale production of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

‘In our ongoing evaluation of technologies to complete the value chain for the burgeoning shale markets, as well as solutions for addressing global natural gas flaring and the rapidly expanding markets for LNG vehicle fueling, Expansion Energy's LNG production process met all of the requirements we identified and embodies technology that we can bring to the market quickly,’ says Brad Dickson, Dresser-Rand's vice president and chief marketing officer.

The license enables Dresser-Rand to target LNG production capacities between 1,500 and 100,000 gallons per day. Dickson notes that a number of the company's existing clients are ‘anxious to take multiple units to fuel their fleet operations.’

The VX Cycle process technology can be housed in a skid-mounted equipment configuration, enabling a wide variety of applications to take advantage of small-scale LNG production. VX Cycle technology can be used to upgrade existing compressed natural gas (CNG) stations to produce LNG or a ‘colder, denser CNG product with a higher BTU density versus standard CNG,’ the company notes.

Under the agreement, Dresser-Rand will design, package and sell equipment containing the VX Cycle production technology, including Dresser-Rand reciprocating compressors and Guascor engine-generator sets, and associated control systems.

‘Dresser-Rand is an ideal global partner to commercialize our VX Cycle technology and integrate their engine and compressor solutions and associated field support for the numerous upstream, midstream and downstream applications of the VX Cycle,’ says David Vandor, Expansion Energy's managing director and chief technology officer.

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