Linde Group Partnering With Bomin On Liquefied Natural Gas Fueling Solutions


The Linde Group says it is establishing a joint venture company in cooperation with Bomin, a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, that will focus on developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling infrastructure for the marine market.

The new entity, which will be a 50/50 partnership based in Hamburg, will initially target the European maritime sector. To build the LNG network, Linde will contribute its experience in cryogenics and engineering, and Bomin will support the joint venture with its background in maritime fuel trading and operations. More stringent emissions regulations for vessels are on tap in the Emission Control Areas in much of Europe.

‘With the new joint venture company, we want to offer LNG to ship owners as an alternative energy source with a lower environmental impact than traditional bunker fuels,’ says of Marquard & Bahls' Dr. Claus-Georg Nette. ‘The know-how combination of Bomin and Linde will enable us to offer attractive solutions in this emerging market.’

‘A readily available and cost-effective LNG infrastructure is key to the development of LNG as a maritime fuel,’ adds Dr. Aldo Belloni, a Linde board member. ‘This new joint venture underpins our LNG strategy, already visible in our recent opening of the LNG terminal in Stockholm harbor and our study for the introduction of LNG with the Hamburg Port Authority.’

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